Fall 2017

  • John Han, 2nd Year CSS Student
    "Production and characterization of pseudoviruses to investigate viral entry”
    Mentors: Kelly Drews (Ph.D. candidate) and Prof. Mark Kester, UVa Medical Center Department of Pharmacology; Prof. Judy White, UVa Medical Center Department of Pathology;
    Topic Area: Virology
  • Robin Bai, 2nd Year CSS Student
    “Mapping the neural circuits that control motivated behavior through targeted manipulation of neurons”
    Mentors: Dr. Chris Overall and Dr. Jonathan Kipnis, UVa Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research, School of Medicine CSS Summer Scholar Award through J. Randolph and Rossie Carter Hutcheson Gift to The Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research, School of Medicine
  • Margaret Doyle, 3rd Year CSS Student
    “Attosecond Science: An investigation into the feasibility of using an electron bunch’s space charge field as an ultrafast pulse”
    Mentor: Dr. Agostino Marinelli, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory;
    Topic Area: Accelerator Physics Summer Funding Award through The Department of Energy
  • Emmit Pert, 2nd Year CSS Student
    “Oxidative Catalysts in Molybdenum-bound Systems”
    Mentors: Justin Wilde (Ph.D. candidate) and Prof. W. Dean Harman, UVa Chemistry Department;
    Topic Area: Organometallic Chemistry
  • Naina Wodon, 2nd Year CSS Student
    “Why Do the Poor Suffer the Most from Floods? Assessing the Roles of Exposure and Vulnerability in the Heterogeneity of Impacts in Pakistan”
    Mentor: Prof. Rebecca Hehn, UVa Statistics;
    Topic Area: Statistics
  • Daniel Song, 3rd Year CSS Student
    “Luminescent cyclic amine substituted dibenozylmethane derivatives and their difluoroboron complexes”
    Mentor: Prof. Cassandra L. Fraser, UVa Chemistry;
    Topic Area: Metal Complexes
  • Kelvin Li, 4rd Year CSS Student
    “Crystallization of the soluble domain of inclusion membrane protein A (IncA) from Chlamydia trachomatis”
    Mentor: Prof. Linda Columbus, UVa Biochemistry;
    Topic Area: Biochemistry