• All CSS students must complete an annual report in the spring, for all 4 years
  • All CSS students must get involved in research by the 2nd year, or summer following the 2nd year; must have a total minimum of 2 semesters or 2 summers of research to remain in good standing
  • Must major or minor in science or math
  • Must have 3.40 overall GPA

First years

  • Students who begin CSS in their first year must attend all weekly Wednesday meetings unless otherwise excused, and must notify Professor Schmidt in advance if attendance is impossible for a particular day.
  • Students must complete weekly feedback reports on the weekly presenter within one day of the presentation, and at the end of the seminar meeting time if time allows.

Second years

  • Students who begin CSS in their second year (or, are rising 2nd years from the first year program) must attend 6 out of the 8 annual events scheduled unless otherwise excused by Professors Epstein and Demas