FALL 2020


  • Rohan Parikh, 2nd Year CSS Student
    Developing a novel random forest-based tRF target prediction tool
    Mentors: Prof. Anindya Dutta, UVa Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics; Briana Wilson, UVa School of Medicine, MD/PhD student
    Topic Area: Molecular Genetics-Bioinformatics
  • Mahdin Hossain, 2nd Year CSS Student
    Role and Presence of Natural Killer Cells in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Tumor Microenvironments
    Mentors: Prof. Michael G. Brown, UVA School of Medicine, Carter Immunology Center; Prof. Timothy N.J. Bullock, UVA School of Medicine, Carter Immunology Center; Prof. Sepideh Dolatshahi, UVA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Biomedical Engineering; Nardin Ageeb, UVA College of Arts and Sciences, B.A. Biology graduate
    Topic Area: Immunology
  • Suchet Taori, 3rd year CSS Student
    Intratumoral calreticulin DAMP treatment combined with neoadjuvant anti-PD1 therapy prolongs survival and bolsters an adaptive immune response in an orthotopic mouse GBM model
    Mentor: Prof. Benjamin Purow, M.D., UVA School of Medicine, Dept of Neurology
    Topic Area: Neuroscience, Cancer-Biology
  • Sophie Wong, 3rd year CSS Student
    Assessing the Thermal Tolerance of Assisted Gene Flow (AGF) Acropora palmate
    Mentor: Dr. Abigail Clark, Mote Marine Laboratory, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Topic Area: Coral Health and Disease
  • Jacob Bushey, 3nd Year CSS Student
    Observing Ozone Effects on Transpiration, Carbon Assimilation, and Photosynthesis by Perturbing Stomatal Diffusive Resistance
    Mentor: Prof. Sally Pusede, UVA Environmental Sciences With Madeline Miles, UVA Environmental Sciences, PhD student; Prof. Manuel Lerdau, UVA Environmental Sciences; Prof. Xi Yang, UVA Environmental Sciences; Prof. Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz, Virginia Tech Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Topic Area: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Atmospheric Chemistry