Fall 2019


  • Jacob Bushey, 2nd Year CSS Student
    "Impact of Oyster Reefs on Wave along a Marsh Edge”
    Mentors: Prof. Matthew A. Reidenbach, UVa Department of Environment Sciences;
    Topic Area: Environmental Sciences, Coastal Processes
  • Jeffery Shi, 2nd Year CSS Student
    "VarCaller: An R package to call and annotate germline variants”
    Mentors: Prof. Anindya Dutta, UVa Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics, Ajay Chatrath, UVa School of Medicine, MD/PhD student;
    Topic Area: Molecular Genetics-Bioinformatics
  • Suchet Taori, 2nd Year CSS Student
    "Targeting Cancer Metabolism: A novel Approach for Improved Radiotherapy”
    Mentors: Dr James B. Mitchell, National Cancer Institute, NIH;
    Topic Area: Cancer Biology
  • Sophie Wong, 2nd Year CSS Student
    "The Role of Subtraction in Environmental Resilience: A theoretical review”
    Mentors: Katelyn Stenger, UVa Engineering;
    Topic Area: Sustainability
  • Julia Dressel, 3rd Year CSS Student
    "Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 by Earth Abundant Transition Metal Complexes”
    Mentors: Prof. Charles Machan, UVa Chemistry Department;
    Topic Area: Chemistry