Fall 2016

  • Kelvin Li, 3rd Year CSS Student
    “Crystallization of the Soluble Domain of IncA”
    Mentor:Prof Linda Columbus, UVa Biochemistry; Topic Area: Biochemistry Samantha;
    Topic Area: Immunometabolism
  • Samantha Heitsch, 4rd Year CSS Student
    “Town Bee and Country Bee: A Tale of Colony Growth and Land Use Change”
    Mentor: Prof. T’ai Roulston, UVa Environmental Science and Blandy Experimental Farm;
    Topic Area: Ecology
  • Daniel Inyoung Lee, 3rd Year CSS Student
    "Characterizing the role of CREM as a tumor suppressor in pancreatic cancer”
    Mentor: Prof. Mazhar Adli, UVa Medical Center Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics;
    Topic Area:Epigenomics
  • Tomoya Kanno, 2nd Year CSS Student
    “De novo assembly of potential lncRNA samples relevant in Prostate Cancer cell lines and patients”
    Mentor: Prof. Anindya Dutta, UVA Medical Center Department of Biochemistry;
    Topic Area: Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Richard Doty, 2nd Year CSS Student
    "Assorted Analytical Methods in MATLAB Including Spectroscopy, Image Processing, and TCSPC”
    Mentor: Prof. James Demas, UVa Chemistry;
    Topic Area: Physical Chemistry
  • Hamzah Shariff, 2nd Year CSS Student
    “The potential for tRNA-derived RNA fragments (tRFs) to regulate genes and their presence in human embryonic kidney (HEK293T) cells”
    Mentor: Prof. Anindya Dutta, UVa Medical Center Department of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry;
    Topic Area: MicroRNAs
  • John Costello, 2nd Year CSS Student
    “Research methods for studying OXTR methylation in behavioral epigenetics”
    Mentor: Prof. Jessica Connelly, UVa Psychology;
    Topic Area: Epigenetics
  • Drake Dixon, 3nd Year CSS Student
    “Utilizing Oxygen Sensing Boron Nanoparticles to Develop a Novel Immunometabolism Assay”
    Mentor:Prof. Rebecca Pompano, UVa Chemistry;
    Topic Area: Immunometabolism