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Spring 2020

Wed, Apr 22 04:00 PM   End of year Ice Cream Social at McCormick Observatory!
Wed, Apr 15 04:00 PM Lauren Simkins Environmental Science Research in the Icy Frontier of Antarctica
Wed, Apr 8 04:00 PM Craig Sarazin Astronomy The Violent Universe
Wed, Apr 1 04:00 PM Sarah Kucenas Biology The Ins and Outs of Nervous System Development, Maintenance, and Regeneration
Wed, Mar 25 04:00 PM Melanie Rutkowski Microbiology Defining the impact of the commensal microbiome on systemic tumor progression and metastasis
Wed, Mar 18 04:00 PM Barry Condron Biology Watching the brain wire itself up
Wed, Mar 4 04:15 PM Max Castorani Environmental Science Loss, recovery, and persistence of California giant kelp forests: ecological cause and consequences
Wed, Feb 26 04:00 PM Dan Meliza Psychology Neural circuits for auditory pattern recognition
Wed, Feb 19 04:00 PM Meltem Yucel Psychology Investigating children's moral development
Wed, Feb 5 04:00 PM Luther Tychonievich Computer Sciences Tools of Thought: slaying ambiguity with minimal collateral damage
Wed, Jan 29 04:00 PM David Evans Computer Science Computing without Honor"
Wed, Jan 22 04:00 PM T’ai Roulston Environmental Sciences & Blandy Experimental Farm Native bee ecology and conservation
Wed, Jan 15 04:00 PM Blaine Norum Physic Nuclear Physics from Quarks to the Cosmos

Fall 2019

åWed, Dec 4 08:00 PM    
      CV Workshop
Wed, Nov 20 04:00 PM Iggy Provencio Biology Photoreception without vision: Nothing to be SAD about
Wed, Nov 13 04:00 PM TBA    
Wed, Nov 6 04:00 PM Jay Hirsh Biology Dopamine dependent regulatory responses in flies and mice
Wed, Oct 30 04:00 PM George Bloom Biology Alzheimer's Disease 101
Wed, Oct 23 04:00 PM Anindya Dutta Biochemistry MicroRNAs and control of cell proliferation
Wed, Oct 16 04:00 PM CSS Fall Symposium POSTERS AND PIZZA!
Wed, Oct 9 04:15 PM Robert Craig Group Physics Studying fundamental physics of the smallest pieces of the universe
Wed, Oct 2 04:00 PM Dean Harman Chemistry Using a molecular vise to build new molecules
Wed, Sep 25 04:00 PM Astronomy The birth of our universe: Evidence for the big bang
Wed, Sep 18 04:00 PM Steve Macko Environmental Sciences Hairy Tales of Human Diet
Wed, Sep 11 04:00 PM Howie Epstein Environmental Sciences Climate Change and the Arctic
Wed, Sep 4 04:00 PM Jim Demas Chemistry Luminescence for fun and profit
Wed, Aug 28 04:00 PM   CSS Welcome Reception!